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From twcc to RCC

As Pastor of The Way, I’d wrestled for some time with tension between reaching as many people as possible with the Gospel, and maintaining the community feel The Way is known for—and the model of church we believe most effective in developing Christ Followers.

I’d also sensed for a long time that God desired to do something more through our church than we’d experienced, yet I’d struggled to identify a unique and strategic purpose for The Way in our community that would allow us to accomplish all God was calling us to. I struggled to clarify our identity and discover our unique niche on the Eastern Shore in an already church-saturated community. I’d been burdened by this feeling, continually faced with the lack of resources and margin to see this “more” come to fruition.

For 13 years, The Way CC has been independent of any larger church organization. As a small staff, we have discovered it is harder to do ministry alone and therefore desired to be part of larger ministry team so that we might be encouraged, equipped and challenged to serve the people God entrusted to us, well.

Over the last couple of years as we wrestled with these thoughts, God was working through relationships here at The Way and at RCC in Florida, to initiate a strategic partnership in His perfect timing. In the Spring of 2018, this partnership was realized, and God’s hand has been evident since that time.

Through this partnership we will continue to work to reach as many people as possible through a community church model, preserving the relationship centered approach to ministry this model affords. This partnership also gives strategic purpose to our church family— to reach people, equip them, and send them out to plant community churches in surrounding areas where there are no prevailing churches.  

This is an exciting time in the life of our church! While there will be things over the next season that will change at The Way, the truth is, RCC and The Way have more in common than not. And while each organization might have used some different verbiage to describe things like Mission, Vision, Values, Core Beliefs, the heartbeat behind those things are the same. The goal of each organization has always been to impact their respective communities for Jesus Christ, and to change the way people see church.

FOR Baldwin,

Gray Strickland, Campus Pastor

who is rivertown?

Rivertown Community Church is a multi-campus church with four campuses in Florida-Blountstown, Chipley, Wakulla and Marianna, and now in Fairhope, AL. Beginning as a traditional, denominational church in the 1950s, God used several families in the early 1990s to transition what had become a typical church in the south to a reaching, non-denominational, community focused church. In 2009, RCC launched their first multi-site campus, and learned a very important lesson: We can do more together, than we can on our own. Therefore, as RCC has continued to grow, they have attracted other groups of people, other churches, and other organizations who have the same heartbeat for community, the same vision for the future, and the same mission from the Gospels.


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