A relevant and relationally engaging ministry for students 7-12th grade, focused on bringing the outside in. RCC Students partners with families to lead students on a life-changing journey, teaching them to walk with Jesus, and helping them bring those on the outside, in.



Wednesdays | 6.30-8.00pm


What can my student expect? 

Worship and Teaching

The large group gathering begins at 6:30pm in the main worship center. This time is designed to encourage and challenge students in their faith.

Small Groups

After the large group gathering, students meet in smaller groups with a small group leader to flesh out the truths they've just heard. Every Student leader who engages in the life of your student aims to lead them to Jesus through meaningful conversation and intentional relationship. 

Following small groups, students head to the Warehouse to hang out, play basketball and video games, and grab a bite to eat before they head home. 

What do you teach? 

Our Student Pastor works to create series content relevant to the unique group of students who attend; however, the ministry of RCC Students is guided by XP3, a curriculum that builds on core truths echoed throughout every environment for young children and students in our ministry. This curriculum is centered on helping Godly adults develop influence with students through intentional relationship. We believe that influence creates opportunities for trusted adults to speak truth into students' lives. 

How does The Way Students partner with parents? 

Social Media. If you have a student attending RCC, connect with us on Facebook in the Parents Only group. This group is a primary point of connection with parents. Content is updated weekly, and includes upcoming events, current series information, relevant parenting resources, and parent cues corresponding with the current series. We hope these resources will help to guide conversations with your student, strengthening your relationship with them, and their relationship with God.

Sunday Morning Gatherings. Students are encouraged to attend church with their family on Sunday mornings, as well as serve alongside family members in appropriate environments. We believe that shared experiences and shared truth create fertile soil for deeper relationships and greater influence. 


RCC Students is lead by Gray Strickland, Michael Walker and a host of dedicated Small Group Leaders.

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