Because circles are better than rows. 

TWCC is committed to more than "doing church" – we want to do life, TOGETHER!  LifeGroups provide environments of accountability, belonging, care, and spiritual growth. In the context of smaller groups, people are better able to experience genuine faith community, and find and sustain spiritual freedom.

God hard wired us for each other. We cannot be who God intended us to be without community. 


LifeGroups are offered in Fall and Spring. Fall LifeGroup Registration is open! LifeGroups are designed to meet a variety of needs and interests, and located in homes all along the Eastern Shore. Check them out today! 


The beauty of LifeGroups at TWCC is that every Partner is unleashed to lead! Maybe you love to work out or garden, enjoy reading or cooking. Perhaps you would love to connect with a group of young moms over a play date or lead a group of young Dads or fellow coworkers. Are young married couples or single mothers your passion? 

To lead a LifeGroup requires a couple of things: A willing heart, an interest or hobby, and a burden for the people already in your life to Know God, Find Freedom, Discover Purpose, and Make A Difference. If you would like more information about hosting or leading a LifeGroup, let us know! A LifeGroup coordinator will connect with you.